Blue Gears Technology is an LLC located in Northern Virginia. Established by its owner and founder Sherif Mankarious in 2011, It specializes in building customized software solutions, such as business web applications, e-commerce and online stores, fundraising and non profit organization websites, desktop and mobile solutions in addition to system integration, automation, and cloud migration services.

BGT is driven by its core values. It has a customer-centric mindset and operates with transparency, dedication and passion to obtain customer trust and satisfaction.

Sherif loves programming and his first piece of code was written when he was in middle school. He graduated from the American University in Cairo in 1992, and possesses a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science. His graduation project was in artificial intelligence using Prolog programming language. He was the first to build an English to Arabic sentence translator. Sherif likes classical music and plays the piano since the age of six.